TransFormation Robe Silk - Metis Blue
TransFormation Robe Silk - Metis Blue

TransFormation Robe Silk - Metis Blue

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There are so many different shades of blue. This one is very special to me. If I had to describe this color blue, I would have to say - it is not a light blue and it is not a dark blue and yet it has the vibrancy, depth, richness and clarity of both. The color of nobility and honor. " says designer Denise Brillon


Whether you're staying in or going out, this beautiful westcoast design template is both functional and elegant.  TransFormation Robe by Denise Brillon is 100 percent silk fabric. Our stock is limited as a way to contribute to an eco-friendly environment.  Each robe can be customized to fit you perfectly.  We can customize each robe for the perfect fit.  We use one of the most advanced eco-friendly large scale printers in Canada and they can become overwhelmed with orders. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. 

Limited Edition 


SM/MED-up to 37" length 37" LRG/XLRG-37" length 41"


Hand wash in cold water with a mild phosphate detergent and hang to dry. Steam press or dry clean for best results.

Designed by debrillon

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