Artifaax - Creating Custom Colors

"Blue is a color that has long been associated with royalty, art, military, business and nature, making it a color with a lot of applications. The first documented use of blue pigment is using blue azurite, a vivid deep blue naturally occurring mineral, used widely in ancient Egypt for decoration and jewelry. Later, in the Renaissance, the mineral was crushed and used as the expensive paint pigment ultramarine."

As a designer, color is very important.  It is probably the first component I think of after I create the garment pattern. It is why I work near a window with true light especially when I'm working with gemstones. There are so many variations and I can usually see the slightest difference in hues. My favorite colors, at the moment, are in the 'blue' shades. I have created a color combination I am naming 'mykostal'. It is very similar to the Greek blue 'mykonos'.

I hope you enjoy our efforts to bring you custom products and know we care deeply about the products we are creating... right down to creating the color palette. If you have a particular color you would like to have on one of our products please let us know and we will see what we can do.