On a personal note...

Self-isolation. It's been a time of learning and understanding myself better.  I am finally realizing there are people and things I cannot help or change and truthfully what I was thinking!  As a designer, I know that if you try to redo a pattern after you've cut the cloth, you weaken the design. In the end, you may have to scrap it - because no matter how much time and effort you've spent trying to make it work, it just won't.  So I wonder, maybe it would have been wiser to just walk away sooner and let it be. Let it be what it's going to be -  regardless.

This self-isolation has been a time to step back.  Perhaps, this is what my elders spoke of as they shared their wisdom.. maybe this is what they were trying to tell me - you just come to a place where you stop focusing on everything 'over there' and start appreciating and loving the place you are at and the people in your life that have your best interests at heart. This is all part of the cycle of life.

So as I pull everything out of the closets and storage areas and refocus again.... hmmm. What to keep ...what to let go of. I ask myself the hard questions: what do I really want to spend my time on: who do I want to spend my time with and how will I move forward to create the balance in my life I so genuinely need.  I know in my heart, I am not the only person doing this life cleansing and healing in our time of isolation.. but I feel we are all coming out of isolation for the better!